Due to the ever-changing nature of the modern business landscape, many companies feel under pressure to learn faster than the competitor for fear of losing out. However, if L&D departments are to implement digital training solutions throughout their organisations, they must first ensure the corporate culture is primed for discovery and innovation. While this can’t be achieved overnight, business leaders must take responsibility for making sure staff across all departments feel motivated to embark on their own learning journey, ready to develop their own skill set and test their knowledge. Until this environment exists, innovation will remain a buzzword, brought up at meetings to remind staff that they must “think outside the box.” Yet, thinking outside the box is only made possible in a workplace that promotes creativity and imagination.

While there exists a great range of options in the sphere of new learning technologies, building a safe learning environment in which staff feel inspired to challenge the norm is a prerequisite to any training solution. In this environment, new ideas are welcomed and collaboration is encouraged. Mistakes are accepted as a fundamental part of the learning journey. After all, realising a mistake can often hasten understanding of how the correct procedure was the most appropriate one: when we know better, we do better. Since constant learning elevates an individual as a worker and as a person, creating a productive learning environment opens opportunities for the organisation to grow its offering and enhance its service.