As a linguist, I've always had a keen interest in words and language and how these shape the way we see the world. This fascination was sparked again recently on a trip to India where there are 22 official languages but as many as 880 languages spoken throughout the country. As I visited 3 different states, no sooner had I grasped how to say the basics than I was back to square one in the next place! It made me reflect once again on how key language is to our existence as humans. 

And language is also key to how we process and retain information and concepts so it's no surprise that our choice of words in a learning environment or experience is hugely important. This article has some interesting observations and tips on this front - from using anadiplosis (I admit, I'd never heard this word'll need to read the article to find out its meaning if you haven't either!) through to using humour and leitmotifs. Enjoy!