It's great to see that according to Don Taylor, collaborative/social learning has become a familiar and accepted method of learning in the workplace. We are finally moving away from the ineffective and often damaging resistance to share knowledge with our peers, in an insecurity fuelled determination to hang on to the perceived power of 'knowing' something someone else doesn't. 

Along with looking at ways developments in technology can enable us to share, retain and recall information for optimum efficiency, we mustn't forget the way businesses can benefit from a culture encouraging and facilitating collaboration, sharing and support. Perhaps by looking at the incredible achievements of our ancestors (I'm not talking industrial, I'm talking stone and iron!), we can see exactly what working together can achieve. Let's face it, social learning was all they had and they can genuinely claim to have invented the wheel!

Personalisation and adaptive delivery will inevitably lead to greater engagement, but by also looking to digital learning to change behaviour, we can create a more collaborative culture where the workforce is emotionally invested in the success of the business.