I've been talking to a lot of clients recently about how to create a meaningful and lasting impact through their learning programmes. As this article explains, making the learning experience engaging is vital (and should be a given!) and there are other important factors that often get overlooked such as providing clear and tangible end-goals and support from within the organisation to reach those. 

But what is really key to successfully creating a lasting impact is the preparation and follow-up that takes place around the learning event. A one-off intervention just isn't enough, particularly when you're looking to achieve behavioural change. 

The simple chart in this article shows that the optimum learning programme has 50% of the activities contributing to learning effectiveness happening AFTER the learning 'event' (whether it be online or face-to-face). And just under a quarter of them BEFORE. 

In my previous life delivering face-to-face teaching/training, this was a lot easier to achieve in some ways as there was a captive audience! The digital learning environment creates a challenge in some respects but also provides fantastic opportunities for us to engage people in a varied, interactive and often personalised learning programme with a lasting impact.