The way your business communicates with its customers should be in line with your company values; it should represent your brand and your vision. Customer service training should focus on inspiring and motivating your customer-facing employees: this is the key to creating a unified, positive experience for the customer - an experience that differentiates you from the competition. 

It's all about how you teach the team. If your business seeks to gain a reputation for delivering outstanding customer experiences, classroom-based training coupled with click-through screens may not be the answer. It's easy to drill scripts into the minds of customer-facing employees: after all, "hi you've reached J&L Travel Insurance you're speaking with Gary can I take your name please" isn't hard to remember once you've said it 1000 times in training. So, instead of teaching words, teach ways.

With a range of new tools and techniques readily available to explore, leaders should seek to create immersive learning experiences that empower employees, providing a platform for them to practice and develop their skills in a meaningful and measurable way. 

It’s time to toss out the scripts and consider how you can build brand unity and exceptional communication skills throughout your entire organisation