I'm pretty passionate about making learning accessible to people at their point of need - as those working closely with me know! What's the point in having/creating brilliant learning content if it's buried deep within a cumbersome LMS where nobody is going to find it, or at least not when they need it? We can transform learning experiences by creating a seamless learner journey, taking into account the who/why/where and how the learning will be accessed as well as filtering and adding value to the content. 

Hence I'm particularly excited to be working with a global client to create an online toolkit for managers - pulling together all of the relevant content that currently sits on their (hard-to-navigate according to several sources!) intranet into a practical and intuitive 'one-stop shop' of digital learning and resources so that new and existing managers have what they need when they need it, a win-win for both the managers and the business! 

This is an interesting article on this very subject and also contains a useful 'e-learning project toolkit' which is an excellent example of curated content in itself.