I have been investigating the possibilities of using Rise for some of our client work here at Fenturi.

I looks lovely, on the face of it, and is dead easy to put together, but lets say you have a client that is really keen on having a say in the fine detailing of how the course looks, you are going to get in to trouble early on having to say that even though we are a design company, we can't adjust any of the design elements in Rise.

Its a pick one colour and one font from a list that is very limited and that's it, and this is a problem for me, I can understand why it is set up this way, but it would cause too many issues with a client to offer it as a serious option.

It also only has the option for one question type - Multiple Choice select one. You can't even have a multi selection question - and this is a MAJOR flaw.

Having said all of this I think that I think that in this demo there are some really nice features, but as Tom explains these mostly come from the design of the elements - video/gifs/illustrations that Nasa had, and this Rise course just compiles those elements.

It does give me hope for finding uses for Rise - but I still don't think it could be a serious client offering as it stands in it's current state.