I read an article on design trends for 2018, it was based on the idea of what fonts to use and what the colours would be for the year, (Pantone Colour of the Year) which is great for fashion and branding, but working in eLearning, clients tend to have their branding set and aren’t really looking to change it year on year. So I had a look for something more high level and relevant to me and my industry and came across this fantastically interesting article from Chase Buckley.

Some of it is a bit of a distant dream I think, certainly in the real world of eLearning, but they are definitely things to consider and try to incorporate/avoid.

I loved the bit on using haptics for synesthetic feedback and the idea of Mood As Interface (MAI) – I only recently learnt of haptics and what it involves after going to a great demonstration by Bristol company Ultrahaptics. I think this is the future but it is a long way off yet.

The point on progress spectrums is something to consider; this is the type of thing seen more in gameified courses, but as we move away from the linear click everything to continue, it is more and more viable for eLearning and gives the user a better experience.

I think that Design Feeling, Rumble strips and Bumper Bars are also very applicable to eLearning; unfortunately eLearning is already full of rather obvious and over spelt out Bumper Bars, which can ruin a good course – guess we need to work on this a bit as for the more experienced user it can be a real pain.

I will be thinking about how to apply all of this to my work in 2018.